Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

We all get Traffic Tickets. Its part of having a Drivers License. Sometimes these tickets are not our fault. The more tickets you get could negatively effect your driving record and your issuance rates. Before you pay that pesky parking ticket, or that Red Light Speeding ticket, call Sean today to see if you can save some money. Sean Logue & Associates has a proven track record of fighting Traffic Tickets.


Can Traffic Tickets Raise My Insurance

Of course a traffic ticket can raise your insurance. Any bad remark that goes against your driving record can cause your insurance company to raise their premiums. Your driving record is used by an insurance company to determine your risk score. The higher the risk, the higher the cost of your insurance. A Traffic Ticket can also cause your Driving Privileges to get suspended. Never had a DUI? Does not matter. Moving Violations could result in the suspension of your Drivers License. Call Sean Logue today and see if he can fight your Traffic Ticket.Traffic Tickets

Moving Violations

Moving Violations can result in your Driving Privileges being revoked. If your Driver’s License becomes suspended it can cost a lot of money to reinstate. A revoked license due to unpaid violations can happen. An accumulation of moving violations could cause similar issues to those who are convicted of a DUI. It becomes harder to get your Driving Privileges reinstated after your license is suspended. If you have moving violations or unpaid parking tickets, an attorney like Sean Logue can fight to clean up your driving record. Sean has successful fought for clients and saved them time and money by getting their violations overturned. If you are a professional driver you need to be extra careful with your driving record. A Commercial Drivers License has special rules. Those rules and regulations are more strict than a standard Drivers License. The DMV wants to hold a professional driver accountable for the safety of other drivers. Call Sean today if you have a CDL issue. Sean can help you with DUI and Moving Violations. Other jobs require licenses. If you are a working professional a DUI can cause you to lose your Drivers License and Work License. Call Sean today. Don’t let your licenses get revoked.