Experienced Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, contact us today. The odds are stacked against you. An experienced Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer can help tip the scales back in your favor.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a serious crime. Prosecutors demand swift and harsh punishments in an effort to set an example to detour such crimes. Call Sean today if you have been charged with Domestic Violence.

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Pittsburgh DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with your first DUI, or even if you are a repeat offender, call Sean Logue & Associates today. A DUI can raise your insurance rates, cost your job, and create havoc in your daily life.

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Sex Crimes Lawyer

Out of all of the types of Criminal Charges, none draw more attention than Sex Crimes. These are seen as monstrous, and unforgivable offenses. Judges typically hand down the stiffest of penalties.

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Areas of Criminal Defense

Violent Crimes

Sex Crimes

DUI Defense

Drug Crimes

White Collar Crime

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Aggressive Pittsburgh DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney

Sean Logue & Associates understand how to litigate Pennsylvania DUI cases. The Pittsburgh DUI Attorneys at Sean Logue & Associates have an extensive background in the areas of criminal defense and trial law. Sean and his team of DUI Lawyers work hard to build your defense case. They fight to keep your Drivers License active and to help protect your driving record. DUI is not the only area of criminal defense that Sean Logue & Associates have a proven track record of success in. Sean and his team of Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorneys are successful litigators in the areas of Drug Related Crimes, Violent Crimes, Sex Offenses, and White Collar Crimes.

Pittsburgh Criminal Defense News

Drunk Drivers beware! The State of Pennsylvania may be making some harsh updates to DUI penalties. Sean Logue & Associates will continue to track this, but it does not look good for those of you who choose to drink and drive. Sean and his team of Pittsburgh DUI Attorneys would like to remind you that […]


Sean Logue & Associates are noticing that the District Attorneys Office seems to be cracking down on Drug Related Offense. There have been a few well publicized police raids over the past few months state wide. Every now and then, the D.A.’s Office will work with local and state Law Enforcement to shake things up. […]